Maintenance 2

Overseeing Completion of Repairs
  • Once the work has been completed, both you and the tenant will be informed. We regularly check in with our tradespeople throughout an active job to ensure that the work has been done properly.
  • The work has been completed to our satisfaction and now we need to pay our trades people. In most instances, we will have money on file from you to cover the cost of the repair. If the repair is substantial, you may be asked to contribute to your account to cover the cost of repair.
Original Copies of Invoices
  • All our vendors send their bills to us directly. We then record it in our system and apply the charges to your account. The original copies of invoices will be accessible to you through your online portal.
  • Simply login into your account, select the corresponding bill and voila, you will see the copy of the invoice.
  • All vendor invoices will be in line with CRA regulations by having the vendors HST # clearly visible.