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Thank you for showing interest in our professionally managed rental. Please complete the form below in order for us to get started on the approval process. Please note that each prospective resident must submit an application form, unless the individual is a dependant of the applicant.

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    • The applicant certifies that the information they have submitted is correct. They further understand that any misrepresentation can lead to delays and potential disqualification of their application or lease in the event that different information comes to light at a later date.
    • The applicant agrees to provide a certified deposit cheque equivalent to one month's rent which will be applied towards the last month's rent, whether or not a tenancy agreement is entered into. The Landlord agrees with the Tenant that the use of this deposit will only be applied to the Last Month's Rent.
    • If the Landlord or Landlords agent does not approve this application, the Tenants deposit will be returned to the applicant in full.
    • The undersigned consents to the obtaining of credit information as the Landlord may deem necessary at any time in connection with the undersigned in conjunction with the premises hereby applied for or any renewal or extension of my/our tenancy agreement. The undersigned also consents to the disclosure of any information concerning the undersigned to any credit reporting agency or to any person with whom the undersigned has or proposes to have financial relations.
    I agree that the information I have submitted is correct. I understand that misrepresentation can lead to delays and potential disqualification of my application.
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