Tenant Screening

Our thorough screening process was developed to help keep your property safe and sound. Each tenant is put through the test and only the best are selected.


We spend a lot of time screening, re-screening and triple screening our prospective tenants until we are fully satisfied that they can meet our requirements. We take into account 14 different variables and hold each and every tenant to our strict standards.

Application Form
  • We have a thorough application form that we require tenants to complete and sign swearing that the information they are providing is true.
Photo ID
  • We require all tenants to provide photo identification whether in the form of a driver license or a copy of their passport.
Full Equifax Report
  • Equifax reports are vital in understanding a tenant’s financial situation. Through the credit report we can ascertain debt and financial obligations of the tenant.
  • Furthermore, tenants who provide full credit reports show that they are not trying to hide anything and willing to disclose their personal information without question. We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to credit. Our tenants all have great credit.
Employment Letter Verification
  • We require that applicants provide an employment letter not older than 30 days on company letterhead clearly showing the date and the signature of the person who wrote it. We always contact the employer via phone or email to confirm all of the details provided in the letter.
Current Landlord Verification
  • We speak with the tenants current landlord. We ask them questions regarding timeliness of rental payments, whether damage was caused to the property and how the tenant was overall. We also want to know if they provided sufficient notice. We also verify the rental amount paid.
Previous Landlord Verification
  • In some cases, current landlords are quick to provide good references for bad tenants so we always go back to their previous landlord as well. We question the previous landlord to see whether they had any problems with the tenant. In most cases, we do not find any red flags in the tenants that we screen. Other times, we are able to catch a potentially bad tenant and reject the application
Home Owner Verification
  • If a prospective tenant owns a property that they will be renting out and looking to rent a property themselves, they will not have a landlord reference. As such, we ask these tenants for evidence of home ownership such as a recent mortgage statement or current property tax bill showing the prospective tenants name.
Notice of Assessment Verification
  • Where the prospective tenant is self employed, we ask the tenants to provide us with a copy of their most recent Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency. This will allow us to see how much income an individual has reported with the government and how that money was allocated (i.e. personal income vs. business income).
Google Search
  • We search the tenants name and any other useful information to see if we can uncover any information that would affect the tenancy and that was omitted from the application form or that further supports the information they submitted.
LinkedIn Search
  • Linked in is a great social platform for employees and those who are self employed. As such, we use this resource as an additional way to confirm someone’s employment.
Facebook Search
  • Everyone is on Facebook these days, however, not everyone behaves on Facebook. So if the privacy conditions allow, we will have a look at their profile to take a closer look into their personal lifestyle.
Pay Stub Verification
  • As an additional means of screening employment, we will request two to three recent pay stubs. Usually confirming employment with the tenants HR department is enough, however in cases that we feel merit it, we will ask for copies of paystubs for additional security.
Personal References
  • We always ask our prospective tenants to provide 3 personal references either in their community, workplace, religious group or anyone else who knows the character of the tenant.
Debt to Income Ratio
  • Just because an individual has good credit and makes their payments on time doesn't necessarily mean that they can afford to pay their rent. As such, we examine the tenants monthly income and through analysis of their credit report, we examine what the tenants monthly expense obligations are to credit card companies, auto financing, student loans, etc. to ensure that they have enough money left over to cover their rent and lifestyle expenses.
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