Property Maintenance

Maintaining your property is an important step to preserving the value of your home.


Addressing maintenance concerns at your property is very important to us. We go above and beyond to secure the best vendors at affordable prices who look after our properties well. We have been using the same trusted professionals for almost a decade now and that speaks volumes. In an unreliable industry we have truly picked out the gems.

Here's how our process works:

Intaking and Screening Maintenance Requests
  • We take maintenance requests very seriously. When a tenant reports a maintenance request, we always log the issue into our system to ensure that it is documented. Anytime an issue is registered in our system, you are immediately informed and we begin solving the problem.
  • We will contact the tenant, if needed, to get a better understanding of the situation. Most issues are insignificant in nature and are related to wear and tear or normal malfunction. These issues are responded to very quickly, within the hour usually, to ensure that no further damage is caused to your property.
Assigning and Coordinating Vendors
  • We only use trusted vendors that we have screened. We have service agreements with our vendors to ensure that they are in compliance with CRA and WSIB requirements. We also have great working relationships with our maintenance team as they are the eyes and ears when it comes to damage in your property.
  • When they visit your property, they are trained to keep an eye out for damage that may be caused by tenants. If that is the case, then they will include it in the report they provide us.
  • If a repair is required and it is not the tenants fault, our contractors will provide us with an estimate that will outline the cost of the work.
Receiving and Sending You Estimates
  • Once we receive the estimates, we will be in touch with you to provide you with our recommendation. You will receive this via email so do keep an eye out for our emails, especially when there is an open work order.
Overseeing Completion of Repairs
  • Once the work has been completed, both you and the tenant will be informed. We regularly check in with our tradespeople throughout an active job to ensure that the work has been done properly.
  • The work has been completed to our satisfaction and now we need to pay our trades people. In most instances, we will have money on file from you to cover the cost of the repair. If the repair is substantial, you may be asked to contribute to your account to cover the cost of repair.
Original Copies of Invoices
  • All our vendors send their bills to us directly. We then record it in our system and apply the charges to your account. The original copies of invoices will be accessible to you through your online portal.
  • Simply login into your account, select the corresponding bill and voila, you will see the copy of the invoice.
  • All vendor invoices will be in line with CRA regulations by having the vendors HST # clearly visible.
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