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Simplified property management for rental buildings in Toronto and the GTA. We are a full-service property management company.

With TPC, the management of your rental building is made easy.

Rental Building Management in Toronto

We provide building owners with an unparalleled experience, taking care of buildings efficiently and cost effectively. We are client focused and want your experience to be one that brings you peace of mind. We work hard to deliver results and we do this by using state of the art technology, coupled with amazing customer service.


We streamline and implement the management of rental buildings using state of the art technology and good old fashioned hard work. We strive to enhance processes for greater efficiency and work hard to deliver an excellent tenant experience, while reducing budget constraints.


We screen tenants thoroughly using our 14-point screening system to ensure that only the best tenants get to live in your buildings. You will have the ability to approve tenants as we provide you with all of the information that you will need to make a good decision.


We provide detailed accounts and budgets each month and every year. You will easily be able to know the financial health of your building at any given point in time. We have more than 300 comprehensive reporting formats to choose from based on your needs.


We are proud of our maintenance process, not only because of its efficiency but also because it has allowed us to drastically reduce budgets. We work hard to keep our landlord and tenant clients happy by reducing costs and increasing delivery of service.


Many buildings have not adapted technology due to the learning curve and heavy investment they must make to bring everything up to date. When you choose our company, we come ready with state of the art technology to keep you informed.


Understand what each unit in your building looks like on a regular basis. Keep up to date with preventative maintenance and maintain the integrity of your building. Leaving thing to the last minute often causes delays and ends up costing you more.

Rental Building FAQ

There are a lot of questions to be asked but hopefully we can summarize most of them here. We work very hard to deliver outstanding results to our clients year after year. Without our clients, we could not be in business and the fact that they continue using our services since 2008 speaks volumes to the hard work we have put into our services.

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Why do I Need a Property Manager?

You could have noticed a decline in performance with your current property manager or you just be tired of managing your own rental building. In either case, we can certainly assist you in taking over the management of the building and increasing efficiency so that you don't have to work as hard. We are a full service property management company meaning that we will take over all aspects of your building as required.

What Size Properties Do You Manage?

There is no end to the size of project we will take on. Whether you have a small 5 unit building or a 300 unit building, the same effort and efficiency is dedicated to your portfolio. We have the capabilities and staff to take on any size project as long as it is located within the Greater Toronto Area.

How Long Does it Take to Notice a Difference?

From the moment you meet us you will notice our difference. We are customer service oriented and want to make our clients. While we always provide our recommendations on how to improve operations, we understand that you are accustomed to your own processes and sometimes these can conflict. We find a way to find the best means of operating your building within your parameters as our only goal is to manage the best buildings possible.

Will You Visit My Building?

We will always take the time to conduct a tour of your property, taking notes along the way. We will quickly learn how your building is currently managed and then we will provide you with our proposal. Depending on the size of your building, it may take up to two hours to complete our walk-through. We never charge for our time to visit the property and will spend as long as we need so that we are all comfortable and that all questions are answered.

How Long Will it Take To Implement Your Services?

Depending on the size of your portfolio, we should be able to have everything up and running within 2-3 weeks. This involves set up in our system, introductions to tenants, unit inspections, rent payment processes and set up of our online portal. It is important that we take the time so that all of the information is accurately recorded and implemented the first time.

Can You Help With Serving Notices and Evictions?

Yes we can. In fact, our amazing property management software has this capability built into it. Will a simple click of a button, a notice will be produced which will then be sent to tenants in default. These are all automatically tracked in our system so that we know when to file applications to the board. We simply notices, evictions and all of your legal headaches.

How Often Will You Conduct Inspections?

It's important to differentiate between unit inspections and common area inspections. Common areas are inspected once a month to ensure that the building is in good working order. Besides the required fire, elevator, mechanical inspections, etc. we will do a general walk-through of your property once a month. We want to be there so that we can limit small problems from becoming big ones.

Do You Offer a Service Guarantee?

Yes. Absolutely. If you are not happy with our service, then just let us know and we will find the appropriate solution so that you are happy. We back our service 100%.

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