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We specialize in full service property management services for single rental properties and multi residential properties in Toronto and the GTA. We manage condo units, single family homes, townhouses, as well as rental buildings.


Property Management is a specialized industry that requires attention to detail, established processes, robust systems and impeccable organization skills to ensure the smooth operation of a property.

We have spent nearly a decade perfecting our trade and putting into action our acquired skills and knowledge so you can have a successful experience. Our team of hard working and responsive staff are here to guide you along the way and will keep you fully informed of your property's status.

Here's a list of some of the great things you can expect from our company:

Rent Collection

We collect rent every month and deposit it to your account by the 15th of the month. We offer tenants two easy ways to pay their rent that gives us peace of mind and control. These include pre-authorized payments that are automatically withdrawn from our tenant's bank accounts and post-dated cheques. We do not accept cash, Interac email transfer or direct deposits into our accounts.

Rent Disbursements to Owners

Our clients want to receive their funds quickly. We use direct deposits to pay our clients in the same month we collect the rent. In fact, we pay by the 15th of each month. Each payment is accompanied by a statement showing itemized income and expenses for the month.

Financial Statements

>We offer a wide variety of reports that may be suited to your personal needs. Each month, you will receive a detailed and accurate financial statement outlining your income and expenses. If you have multiple rental properties, the income and expenses are broken down by property to give you a better glimpse of your finances. At the end of each calendar year, we will also provide you with a year to date statement for accounting purposes.

Year to Date Statements

At the end of each year, you will receive a Year-to-Date statement that captures the financial activity pertaining to your property over the course of the calendar year. This can be provided to your accountant for tax purposes. We also have copies of all invoices and payment records of transactions made on your behalf.


>We handle all maintenance requests in a timely manner that is both satisfying to our tenants and satisfies the legal criteria set out by the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006.

When a maintenance request is received, you will automatically be notified. We always try to ascertain whether the tenant was at fault. If the tenants were not at fault, we schedule our vendors for estimates and then send you the estimates we receive. If you are satisfied with the quotes, then let us know and we will schedule the work.

Once the repair has been conducted, you will notice the repair cost on your next statement.

It is important to take maintenance requests by tenants seriously in Ontario. Failure to act promptly may result in legal action if the repair is not conducted in a reasonable amount of time.

Tenant Enquires

It is impossible to predict when and for what reason a tenant will contact us. We make contacting us very simple and respond to tenant requests in a documented and timely manner.

We are prompt, courteous and firm in our dealings with tenants. Firm in the sense that we have established many policies and procedures that are in place to protect you and your property.

Our tenants find us exceptionally helpful, communicative and friendly to work with.

24/7 Emergency Care

Properties are unpredictable and as such, we never know when something will go wrong. When something does happen though, our team is quick to respond and can handle any situation that arises. Our company is available 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure that any urgent issues are addressed. Our tenants are provided with our welcome package which highlights our emergency procedures and contact information.


Inspections are an effective way of catching small problems before they become large ones. We conduct inspections by visually assessing the condition of a property by walking through properties. Our inspections are broken down by room and we take pictures and make comments that you should be aware of. We provide this information in a PDF document that can easily be accessed by you.

Inspections are also a great way to detect whether a tenant has caused damage to your property. Without physically walking through a property, it is difficult to know when a tenant has caused damage, unless a tenant reports it. This is why inspections are critical.

We recommend conducting inspections at least once a year but for those who want a more active presence at their property, we can do them up to 4 times a year.

Lease Renewals

Lease renewals make some property owners nervous. Many are unaware of the rules and thus think that their tenant will move out without giving notice.

We oversee the renewal process by contacting tenants 120 days before their lease renews to understand their intentions. By doing so, we can reduce downtime or vacancy.

Once we know the tenant’s intentions, we will either renew the lease with a rent increase, renew the lease without a rent increase, allow the lease to continue on a month to month basis or terminate the lease if you need the property back or want to sell it. By contacting them that far in advance, we can ensure that all the legal requirements are satisfied and that you are protected.

Lease Terminations

By law, tenants are required to provide 60 days' notice when they intend to vacate a property. This provides ample time for landlords to find replacement tenants.

Similarly, property owners also have certain responsibilities when they want to terminate their tenants lease. It is important that the regulations prescribed by the Landlord and Tenant Board be followed to avoid potential liability. Tenants have the right to security and our team is not only aware of these rights but has the expertise to navigate through challenging situations which are often to the benefit of our clients. Terminating a lease not prescribed by the Act can lead to significant consequences and financial losses if not done correctly.

If you need to terminate your lease with your existing tenant, please give us a call to discuss. One easy phone call can lead to a lot of saved headaches.

Online Portal

Our online portal is a handy tool for our clients. It will allow you to access all of your important documentation pertaining to our agreement and your agreement with the tenant.
Having access to the information you need when you need it is important to property owners - especially those who have leased their properties.

Think of our portal as your briefcase that follows you around anywhere you go. At any time, you can sign in and update your information so we know the best way to get in contact with you.
If you want to review a charge or look at an original invoice for work that was completed, or even want a copy of the cheque we issued to the vendor, it's all right there at your fingertips.

You can also review your leases, look at tenant credit reports and other supporting information or review your tenants' insurance policies. With just a few clicks, you can have access to all of this information.

You can even chat with your property manager through the portal if you want to keep all of the communication in an organized place.

Our clients really enjoy the accessibility and usefulness of our portal and the ability that it gives them to do what they need to do on the back end any time they want.

You can even provide your log in credentials to your accountant who can then access all of your financial information for tax time.

This reduces a lot of the leg work that you would ordinarily need to do.

Stay informed and up to date in real time

Unit Turnovers

Most clients want their property rented back to back – meaning when one tenant moves out, the new tenants will move in. This is the situation we prefer; however, it does pose some logistical challenges – such as cleanliness, potential damages, delays, and countless other variables. We have the ability to pool our resources together to pull this off, time and time again.

It does take a certain level of expertise, coordination and excellent property management skills, which we have acquired over the years.

We do our best to ensure that a property is rented immediately after a tenant moves out but we can not always promise that we can accomplish this. Where it is possible, we will certainly get the job done.

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