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If you have a Tenant who has breached their lease, contact us for expert advice.

Many property owners are fearful of evictions and in a lot of cases they should be. Evictions can be timely, costly and extremely stressful. 

Unfortunately, many property owners are not aware of the laws and processes in place to assist landlords in these difficult situations.

Many landlords perceive the courts as being too lenient to troublesome tenants, and in all honesty, there is some truth behind these perceptions.

Many independent landlords have approached us with troubling circumstances. These include but are not limited to a tenant defaulting in rental payments, blocking access to a property, causing damage or nuisance for the landlord, persistently paying rent late and repeatedly calling city/by-law officials to report minor infractions.

If you are facing a problematic tenant, we urge you to seek professional help immediately. While your tenant may be giving you a false sense that the problem will be remedied, a lot of tenants are aware of the laws and loopholes that are in the Residential Tenancies Act.

We are experts that can help you when a tenant is taking advantage of you. We have helped dozens of landlords in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, quickly and affordably resolve disputes.

A significant portion of these are resolved outside of the court system, which avoids having to retain paralegals and in rarer cases lawyers.

To avoid any potential losses, it is important that you seek expert advice from a company that has the experience, tools and network to deal with your issues. In the event that a tenant does default, we not only have the internal processes to deal with the breaches of agreements but we also have the legal team equipped with the skills that can get you out of hot water fast! It is important to know the current laws in Ontario that govern residential tenancies. Failing to know exactly what steps to take and when to take them can result in thousands of dollars of lost income, as well as expenses.

While evictions are never pleasant, they do pose a realistic threat that should be taken very seriously when problems arise.

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