Inspections 1

Are Inspections Mandatory?

A Move in and a move out inspection are required. This is to protect you from any potential liability and complications that may arise at a later date. We walk through the property with tenants and record any preexisting issues that may be noticed. When a tenant moves out, we complete another walk through and the original inspection is compared to the move out condition of the property.

What is Involved in an Inspection?

An inspection involves a general and visual walk through of the property. We inspect walls, floors, ceilings, doors, cabinets and some appliances. We look for damage, and if found, we record it with a description and by taking a photograph as well. We have software that converts this into a presentable report which will be stored on your owner portal for accessibility later on.

What is a Pre-Move Out Inspection?

A pre-move out inspection is an inspection conducted when the tenant provides 60 days notice to vacate the property. The reason why we encourage all of our clients to go ahead with this inspection is that it will provide us with enough time that we can remedy the situation prior to the tenant vacating the premises. Once a tenant has vacated the property, any damage must be dealt with in Small Claims Court.

Will I Receive an Inspection Report?

Yes, all of our reports are stored on your portal for easy access. Once we upload it to your portal, you will receive an automated notifcation that your inspection report is ready. Simply sign in to your portal and access it from anywhere in the world.