How to Prepare For Our Video Walkthrough

How to Prepare for a Video Walkthrough

Are you aware that we record and publish a video walk through of your property?

We believe that videos help prospective tenants review their experience with the property and they can now forward the link to their significant other if they weren’t able to attend.

We’ve provided several tips below to help you prepare for our recording of your property:

Remove all clutter

If you’re house is furnished when we are visiting to complete the video walkthrough, please ensure that all areas of the house are removed of clutter. Hide shoes in the hall ways, neatly arrange television remotes, ensure that the dishes are done and try to keep the kitchen counter tops as free as possible.

Make all of the beds

In order to show your bedroom off in the best possible light, please ensure that the beds are made and that the bedroom is generally tidy. No one like an unmade bed!

Remove personal items from bathrooms

Hide all of your toothbrushes, tooth paste, make up, etc. so that the counter tops are essentially have nothing on them. This way, the bathroom will show in its best light and people can see past the clutter.

Close all toilet lids

This may seem like a minor issue but a bathroom looks better when the toilet lids are shut – and do remember to empty out the garbage bins.

Clean up the front and back yard

Depending on the season, and if relevant, ensure that your property has curb appeal. Mow the lawn, rake the leaves, clear the driveway of snow. Make your property look as attractive as possible by making it look well maintained.

Remove car from the driveway

Where applicable, please park your car of the street if that’s an option. We typically start outside of the house and you don’t want your license plate to appear on the internet. We value your privacy and appreciate if you could temporarily remove your car from the driveway during our meeting.

Remove family photo’s and any personal things

Going back to our first point – if there’s anything that you do not want appearing on the internet, then those belongings should be removed. There can include family photo’s, and other valuable things that don’t need to appear in a public listing.

Be prepared to leave the house for 15 minutes

In order for us to ensure that the recording takes places as quickly and efficiently, we may ask you to leave the property or stay in a room that we will not be recording for whatever reason. This will prevent you from accidentally appearing in the video of your property.

We want to ensure that our recording goes smoothly and is as quick and painless as possible. These tips are provided so that our video recording session goes very smoothly.

We use a high quality 4K GoPro camera for all of our shoots.

Here’s an example of one of our videos.