How to Pre-Qualify a Prospective Tenant Over the Phone

Pre-Qualify Tenants over the Phone

A lot of landlords are super excited about renting out their properties. They’ve spent their hard-earned cash to invest in a property and now they want to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Once a property has been advertised, there will be an onslaught of people reaching out, and with limited time, it’s important to pre-qualify before you have to travel to show your place.

Always ask these 5 questions prior to showing your place:

  • When would you be able to move it? If the date corresponds with your availability, then great. If not, time to move on.
  • Have you provided you currently landlord with 60 days’ notice? IF they have then they are likely respectful of the laws they need to comply with. If not, this may be a red flag for when it comes time to leave your property.
  • Do you have any pets? If they answer yes and you don’t want pets living in the property, then this is a great time to reject prospective tenants. If you’re ok with pets, then you may want to ask type, breed, weight and if they’re trained.
  • How many people will be living in the property? IF they want to move 5 people into a bedroom apartment, then it’s likely time to move on.
  • The last one is not so much a question but rather a statement. Let the prospective tenant know when you are available to see the property. Don’t bend over backwards from the beginning. This often sets the tone to be taken advantage of.

Taking time to ask questions about the tenant to ensure that their needs are in line with the property can save you wasted time from travelling to and from the appointment. And always remember to confirm the appointment before you leave your house. The last thing you want is to travel to your rental property only for the tenant to not show up for their appointment.