Accounting 2

Do you Have More Than One Report?

We have more than one report. In fact we have over a hundred. If there is a specific way that you would like to structure your reporting, simply let us know. We handle the books for property owners who have one property as well as those who have dozens and whether you hold them personally or in a corporation, we can handle it all.

What If There is a Discrepancy?

Simply let our office know and we will investigate the discrepancy. Usually we can correct any inaccuracies within 1 business day.

Can My Accountant Access My Financial Information?

Absolutely! We make it simple for accountants to access your information. Simply provide them with your login information to the portal and they can have full access to all of your statements and supporting documentation.

Can I Collect My Own Rent?

Unfortunately you will not be able to collect the rent on your property. Not only does this affect the reporting of your financial information but it may also cause unncessary delays in taking action if there is a default. Our bank immediately reports to us whether there has been a default in a payment being honoured.