Move Out Notice

Thinking About Moving?

We understand that living arrangements change over time and that the property you are currently renting may no longer be suitable to your needs. With that said, the appropriate procedures must be adhered to in order to prevent any disputes over maintenance and damage that may be found in the property. To have a clear understanding of your obligations, please refer to our pre-move-out and final inspection move-out guides provided below.

If you have made the decision to move out of the property that you are currently renting from TPC, you must complete the following steps:


1 - By law, you must provide at least 60 days' notice to terminate the tenancy as outlined in the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 (RTA, 2006) using the "N9 – Notice to Terminate the Tenancy" form, which can be downloaded below.

2 - Submit the completed form by fax, email, regular mail or in person.

Pre-Move Out Period and Pre-Move-Out Inspection:

TPC defines the last 60 days of your tenancy as the pre-move-out period. During this time, your account manager will contact you to discuss the following:

1 - Pre-Move-Out Inspection: Upon receipt of your Notice to Terminate, you will be contacted to arrange a pre-move out inspection, which will be used as an opportunity to prepare the property for viewings and to bring the rental property back to rentable condition in the event of damage, maintenance, etc.

2 - Viewings: You will be provided with 24 hours' notice prior to viewings taking place. If your property is pet friendly, we ask that your pets be removed from the property in order to accommodate those who may have fear of animals. We also ask that the property be kept in tidy and clean condition.

3 - During the last 15 days of your lease, the RTA, 2006 we may show the property with less than 24 hours' Notice but a reasonable effort will be made to inform you of the scheduled viewings. These viewings will be held between 8am-8pm.

Final Move-Out Inspection

1 - You will be required to attend the Final Move-Out inspection that will be conducted on the last day of your tenancy or the last day that you occupy the property.

2 - If you plan on moving out prior to the last day of the lease, please contact us to inform of us this date.

3 - By law, you are required to return all keys to TPC and failure to do so may result in ‘over-holding', meaning that you remain in possession of the property until the keys are returned. In that case, you will be responsible for paying the rent up until the keys are returned as well as costs associated with changing locks to ensure the security and accessibility of the property in the event that a new lease has been signed with another tenant.

Post-Move Out Procedures

1 - You will be required to complete the "Key Deposit and Last Month's Rent Interest Release Form" included with the Pre-Move-Out guide below. This will allow us to forward your key deposit and last month's interest that has been accruing on your last month's rent.

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