Residential Property Management

Please see our summary of fees and services below.

*Please note that this fee calculator will only provide an estimate for up to 20 units. If you have more than 20 units, please contact us. Actual property management fees may vary depending on the accuracy of information provided.

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Service Get Rented Get Rented Plus Get Rented pro
Monthly Property Management Fee No monthly fees $ $
Initial Setup Fee $150 $150 Included
Leasing Fee 1 Months Rent 1 Months Rent 1 Months Rent
Rent Protect Program N/A N/A Included
N/A $200 Included
Spring (optional)
N/A $200 $200
Move-in/Move Out
N/A $75 Included
Non-Resident $25/month $25/month $25/Month
Financial Statements      
Email Statements
Included Included Included
Online Statements
N/A Included Included
Project Management Fee N/A 10% 10%
Vacant Management N/A Case by Case Case by Case
Web Portal N/A Included Included

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