Property Management Company Review

Property Management Testimonial

Joseph is a very loyal client and happens to be quite camera friendly. After a couple of years of working with Joseph, we asked him if he would mind providing a review of our company on Google. In typical Joseph style he took it to a step further and made us a video.

We were shocked to receive a video review of our property management services but are super thankful at the same time.

Joseph has been a client for about 5 years. When he first hired us, he needed his property rented right away. He was moving to BC for a job change. His income was a little tight and what he had was needed to bring the property up to property rental condition. Tenants have expectations too and we explained this to him and he fully understood.

Once we completed some minor repairs and showed him what tenants like, we had the place on the market ASAP. The property was listed on MLS, Viewit, Kijiji, Craigslist and all of the other major rental sites in Toronto.

We had great photo’s taken of the property and within 2 weeks we had a few applications for Joseph to choose from.

Joseph was scrupulous only wanting the best candidate. So after another day, we had selected a tenant and were ready to proceed.

Once the tenant was selected, we executed the lease, provided the tenants with our welcome page and intro document and had their banking information all set up.

We also met with the new tenant and conducted a move in inspection and provided them with the keys.

Joseph was paid very quickly and as far as we could tell, he was a happy camper.

Landlords biggest concern is to receive their rent on time and to get paid consistently when we promise them to receive their rents. We understand Landlord needs and really outperform our competitors to deliver the best results for our clients. We have been standing by our name for a decade and have built the name you can trust in the industry.