Tenant FAQ 2

How Can I Pay My Rent?

Rent can be paid by Pre-Authorized Payment from your account or by post dated cheques. We do not accept rental payments by Interac email transfer, cash, or direct deposit into our branch.

What if My Rent Cheque Doesn't Clear?

If your rental payment is not cleared by the bank, you will be immediately required to contact our office to make arrangements for payment. There will be a $27 fee added to your account for each NSF.

How do I Request Rent Receipts?

If you require rental receipts, then please contact our office to make the request.

How to I Submit a Maintenance Request?

You can submit maintenance requests by email, phone or by singing into your online portal (preferred).

How do I Terminate a Lease?

You must provide 60 days valid written notice by submitting a N9 Notice to Terminate your Lease. If you have any questions on how to complete this form, please contact our office. Any errors may result in potential delays and additional expenses.

Do I Have to Give 60 Days Notice to Terminate a Lease?

Yes, you must provide 60 days notice to terminate your lease. There are very few exceptions so if you have any questions, please contact our office to discuss.

Can I Sublease or Assign My Lease?

Yes but under some conditions. If you find yourself in a position where you must vacate the property, please call us as soon as possible. There are several financial penalties if you do not receive consent from our company.

What if I Accidentally Damaged the Property?

You are responsible by law to notify the landlord of any damage that you have caused either on purpose or by accident. If you have damaged the property in anyway, you must inform us immediately. Failure to do so will result in legal action.

Can I Make Repairs/Improvements?

If you are considering doing any work to the rental property, you will require the consent of our company. Any enhancements or alterations to the property may result in you being required to return the property to its existing condition. There are severe financial penalties for making alterations to the property without the Landlords consent.

How Much Notice is Provided to Enter the Rental Property?

In almost all cases, 24 hours notice must be provided to a tenant in order for lawful access to the property. In some cases, where a tenant or landlord has provided notice to terminate a lease,
less than 24 hours notice can be provided (for instance in the event that the landlord intends to show the property to a prospective renter) as long as reasonable effort has been made by the landlord to gain entry. In this case, the law permits shorter notice periods.