Leasing 1


When we take over a property to lease it, we want the property to show in its best light. As such we use a professional camera with a wide-angle lens to capture your property in the best way possible. Our photos are then sent to the office for processing then incorporated into our advertisements.

If you prefer to have your property professionally photographed, we work with a wonderful professional photographer who will take high resolution, edited photographs of your property.

  • We only utilize the best sites to advertise, showcase and market your property. We list your properties on sites such as Viewit, MLS, Kijiji, Craigslist and array of smaller websites as well. We want your listing to reach as many quality tenants as possible so we advertise it on every possible site that we believe will be effective in reaching that goal.
  • We prepare quality descriptions providing details of your property for rent so that tenants can clearly understand what is available as well as get to initially know the property.
Showing Properties
  • If the tenants have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment to see your property, they will call or email us. Our team will help them book an appointment to see the property as quickly as possible.
  • To ensure that your property is presented in its most favourable light, we always arrive 15 minutes before the showing to ensure that the property is in presentable shape. We also take this as an opportunity to address any issues that we may see with the property.
  • We show the property, pointing out features that we think will interest the tenant and answer any questions that they may have. Prior to leaving, we always provide our tenants with our business card and an application form with instructions on how to submit it.
Tenant Applications
  • Once we have showed your property to prospective renters, we have them complete a Tenant Application Form to obtain information about all of the occupants.
  • We ask for very sensitive personal information so that we can complete our due diligence on the applicants.
  • Once, and only once, we have all of the information that we believe necessary to complete our screening process do we begin examining their files.
  • Incomplete or fragmented applications are signs of red flags and therefore we wait until all of the requested information has been provided.
Application Processing
  • We have a thorough application process that each tenant must undergo to be eligible to live in your property. We have a 14-point verification process that treats all tenants equally and fairly.
  • We examine the application for its completion and then begin the screening process. By this point, we have collected a deposit from the tenant to hold the property until we have had a chance to review the application.
  • This deposit is completely legal and is fully refundable to the tenant should you wish not to proceed with the applicant. The reason that we collect this deposit is to ensure that the tenants are serious about your property – similar to a deposit you provide to the seller of the property when you want to purchase it. Only in this case, it is applied to the last month’s rent.
  • Once we have thoroughly screened the applicant(s), we will contact you with a summary and our recommendation. If you do not feel comfortable with the applicants, you are free to reject them. We will then let them know.
  • If you do choose to proceed, then we will inform the tenants and schedule a lease signing. The tenant will be provided and required to sign all of our internal documentation as well as signing a waiver that they have received all of the information that must be provided to them as per the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006.
  • Once the lease has been signed, you will be notified.