Why Choose Us?

Here are just a few good reasons to choose us as you property management company:

  • Expertise.
    We have over 25 years of experience gives us the skills that allow us to manage your property efficiently and professionally.
  • We can afford to be selective when selecting tenants.
    We receive hundreds of tenant enquiries every week. With an online database of thousands of prospective tenants, we can be selective about the tenants we place in your property. We work hard to find the right tenants for you.
  • Cost effective advertising.
    We use a variety of proven websites that are optimal for finding you quality tenants. Premium advertising options are available.
  • Our eviction rates are low.
    While we try managing every variable in the tenant screening process, sometimes we do experience default payments, particularly if a tenant loses a job. We handle all evictions as efficiently and professionally as possible. The Property Collective currently has a 100% eviction success rate in our clients favour. 
  • Competitive rates.
    We offer competitive rates for services that surpass those offered by our competitors (just read our reviews compared to our competitors). If you have a portfolio of properties that require our services, we offer bulk rates for clients with 10 or more properties.
  • Our clients receive a service that is being recommended every day.
    Without your referrals, we couldn't survive in this competitive industry. We thank our many happy clients that have referred us to their friends, associates and family.
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